Portland’s Culture Infused One-Stop Cannabis Shop

Found on the corner of 90th and Sandy in the NE Portland, Blazin’ stands out from other surrounding businesses in a positive way. Blazin’ is a small black and red building with a themed sign designed with a unique flare that attracts patrons into the club.

roof-on-fireOnce inside and past the vibrant main lobby, patients will find a smaller but inviting dispensary may be exactly what they were seeking. The retail floor is a smooth and attractive blend of black, red and white. Music performed from local and popular artists fills the air, promoting good vibes as you look over the various concentrates on display and peruse and smell the contents of the high-quality craft cannabis flower stored in uniform jars.

Many well-known brand name products and sought out local strains are available at Blazin’. The staff’s recommendations were OM extracts, flavorful and potent concentrates, Multnomah Coma flower from Cascade farms and Wyld brand gummy treats as the medible of choice.

Young promo1.PNG
Blazin’ is known for bringing local culture into their one stop cannabis shop by hosting a plethora of events to bring people together. Recently Blazin’ hosted a gathering with Dr. Dre’s son, Curtis Young who is travelling the states to film a documentary of his Music and Medicine tour, which aims to re-solidify the fusion of music and cannabis. Plaedo– a Eugene based hip-hop artist has also graced the counter with his presence- bringing discussion to the need for sustainable living, medical cannabis and freedom.

smoke-rings1Owner Errin Caudle, a local resident and multiple business owner admits that though the company is thrilled that recreational sales are allowed, they are still more concerned with the medical patients and will continue to provide safe access to low-cost medicinal products. Errin says, “We have a wide ranging demographic and many of our regular clients are medical cannabis patients. We want to avoid the herd mentality of downtown Portland and deliver a personal experience that transcends a simple purchase.”

Blazin is located at 9046 NE Sandy Blvd in Portland Oregon, or you can find out more about them at www.blazinpdx.com  bike2


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