420-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s day is coming up – This year it falls on June 19th, 2016 to be exact. Are you ready? If not, here is a list sure to make for a memorable father’s day. Stepping past ties, coffee mugs and issues of Playboy- here is a list of 420 friendly, cannabis culture items your dad would probably never expect:

The Adventurer

The Adventurer water pipe, by Strong Silicone, is a bong designed to withstand the rigors of a real adventure. This food-grade silicone piece is simple to use, easy to clean and maintain, a breeze to transport and impossible to break. So impossible that the producers guarantee its longevity with a lifetime warranty. People have driven over these bongs and then smoked out of them unhindered after. That is pretty damn durable for a bong. If your dad is a snowboarder, hiker, hunter or mechanic or an all-around clumsy guy, this is definitely the piece for them!

~~~I’ve used one of these and in fact own a blue one (pictured below) These things are just as durable as the producers say they are. These things are a snap to roll up and stash in the bottom of a backpack while travelling. I highly recommend adding one to your collection.


The Vape Guy

Does your dad vape? Does he have a tiny little vaporizer that could use an upgrade? The Mighty vaporizer is perfect for that guy that is seeking a substantial and durable vaporizing unit. Mighty is a highly regarded unit that has great reviews across the internet. The unit delivers smooth, dense Vapor allowing for a higher lift if you get what I mean. Give dad some impact this father’s day!


The “Always Grinding” Dad

The ZEUS Bolt grinder is a premium herb grinder made from anodized air craft grade aluminum. This smooth unit features diamond sharpened teeth, an odor concealing hard shell case, and a life time warranty, so rest assured it will be the last grinder you will ever buy for Pops.

The DIY chemist

Does your dad like to talk science? Is he always rattling off compounds and elements? Get a Green Oil Machine for dad and he will be knee-deep in research perfecting his homemade Full extract cannabis oil, or any plant oils for that matter. This is an all-in-one unit that not only distills and reclaims ethanol but also provides a very therapeutic medicinal oil. I recommend gifting an ounce of sticky buds and a half gallon of ever clear with this one.


The Gardener

A perfect gift for the gardener of any skill set is Ed Rosenthal’s, “Marijuana Grower’s Handbook.” This book provides a great starting point for anyone seeking an overall immersion into the world of Growing Cannabis. All aspects of growing cannabis from set up to bowl is covered, featuring full color photos and illustrations, this handbook delivers all the basics that a novice grower needs, as well as scientific research and diagrams for the experienced and analytical cultivar.


The Connoisseur

Found in a select few Oregon cannabis boutiques, is flower grown on a level mastered by few. Green Bodhi, a cannabis cultivar that practices intentional horticulture along with sustainable and organic methods of cultivation produces some of the best cannabis in Oregon. His dedication to this plant leads to consistently flavorful and superior quality bud that will be a memorable gift for any cannabis aficionado.

Green Bodhi has proprietary strains such as Mystery Haze, Hazy Kush and Golden Pineapple that will deliver crisp, clean and highly cerebral highs that promote a state of whole body well-being. You can find Green Bodhi grown flower at Calyxes, Farma and Oregon’s Finest – all Portland Oregon shops.


The Chocoholic

Cannabis infused edible goodies are one of the most sought out forms of consumption globally. The smell of cannabis is usually faint or all together non-existent. Chocolate is a classic way to mask the taste of cannabis, especially when plant material is used for infusion i.e. cannabis flower and hash. Blaze Bars, locally produced in Portland Oregon utilize a full extract cannabis oil (RSO, FECO) in all candy bars.

This full bodied and pleasant high is delivered in various flavors such as Cookies & Cream, Maple Bacon, Oregon Hazelnut and Blueberry, Candied Lemon Drop amongst a few others. The bars come in a 100mg dose, separated in 10 hash marked pieces. Blaze candy bars can be found in many dispensaries across Oregon, namely Canna-daddy’s, Maritime Cafe and Stoney Only.

2016-05-28 20.46.19

The Clean Freak

Some dads like to be clean, so a soap made from natural ingredients may be the best bet- Oregon Hemp works has been producing Hemp Soap since 2010, the intent of this company was to create a company that made and sold hemp-related items while promoting the wonderful use and many uses of the cannabis plant (cannabis sativa L.). This handcrafted soap is Oregon Hemp Work’s flagship product, coming in 3 varieties- Cedarwood, Relax and Lemongrass.

-Packaging is recyclable and bio degradable. Hemp paper wrap, hemp ingredient card, and hemp twine.

-Non-GMO, no- dyes, parabens, Bisphenol-A (BPA), animal products, fragrances, perfumes or artificial ingredients.


The Versatile guy

For some people versatility and durability are the winning ticket when it comes to smoking devices. La Fumo Pipe features a highly-durable anodized billet aluminum body that brings a new tool to the dabbing game, this is a pipe that is able to house a domeless titanium nail for smoking concentrates without an elaborate or fragile glass set up. The pipe also has a stainless steel bowl for smoking flower. La Fumo Pipes also feature a push card system that allows for a streamlined and potent smoking experience- Check out La Fumo Pipe at:


The Collector

Collectors love collecting, you can see it all through their living space. Some dudes collect action figures, magic cards, hot wheels’ cars, Harley Davidson memorabilia and all sorts of other cool dad-things. The newest collectors items to gain popularity after bongs and Bic lighters is the ever unique hat pin. These were once used a mediocre marketing tools that people blindly pinned to everything. Cannabis community hat pins have taken a more comedic and activist approach to the pins- just see for yourself. Some notable Pin companies can be found here:

503 pins- http://503pins.com/
Handmade – http://handmadeeverything.bigcartel.com/
Phat Pins- http://phatpins.com/
Terpins- http://terpin.co/services/hat-pin-production/

Happy Gift Getting everyone, make those dads proud and make sure to join in on the partaking with them. No one likes to smoke alone.




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