“Zeus: Ice Born” Chilled Vapors

Zeus Arsenal has brought a very intriguing product to the vaping scene and it just may change the way you vape. I was recently sent an “Ice Born” to give it a try and see what I thought of it.

What is the Ice Born?

Putting your warm vapors on a chill path- the Ice born is a brand new accessory that is designed to be used with almost every vaporizer on the market. Its purpose is to naturally cool down and improve your vapor by way of ice purification. The producers were not wrong about it being universal, it fit all 4 of the vaporizer units I have here at home, best fitting my Arizer Air Vaporizer and Vape Oregon Vape pen. If your vape mouthpiece can accommodate the attachment hose, then you are in business.

How Does it work?

zeus-icebron-artistic-02The Ice Born stands at approximately 4.5 inches tall and 3 or so inches in diameter. The Plastic top comes off to reveal a series of aluminum tubes inside held closely together by silicone gaskets. After quickly dismantling and rinsing all components of their factory dust, I filled the base of the Ice Born up to the fill line and placed it directly in the freezer. Once the water is frozen around the aluminum tubes, connect the hoses to the unit and your vaporizer and you are ready to experience a very satisfying update to the classic Ice catching bong.

The vapor you inhale does not traverse through any mediums such as water, which cool the essential oils within the vapor and draw them out, leaving them behind in the water. This is important for anyone who is vaporizing Cannabis or its derivatives for medicinal purposes, as you would receive more of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. The Zeus Ice Born can help make your medicine go much further, delivering more at once.

What I thought-

There is nothing like this product out there. I have to say that I am impressed with the ingenuity of the design, it is sleek, user friendly and easy to stash when needed. It is a very interesting looking unit, which is sure to create conversations if brought out to use with friends.

The flexible hoses and sealing gaskets are all food grade silicone, the plastic housing of the unit is food grade as well, it is very solid and just to check durability I “accidentally” dropped it on the floor. The unit survived the 4-foot drop without a dent, the top stay intact as well. There was definitely some thought put into the design and prototyping process. But! Just in case you drop it harder, and the unit does break, it looks like there is a lifetime replacement warranty on the housing. Still I recommend keeping it table top during use.
The base of the Ice born stays relatively clean as there is nothing to withhold resins from the vapor- this also increases the potency. I’m sure over time there would be a light layer of resinous build up on the inner aluminum chambers from condensation collecting, but I would be willing to bet it is negligible.


The Zeus Ice Born is a moderate investment, selling for $69.99 on the Zeus Arsenal website. Though when considering the benefits, its universal design and durability, you could consider it money well spent. The best investments are long term investments and investments into your health. This is both.

Final Thoughts-

Overall I really like this product; I will continue to use it and recommend you consider purchasing one if you are a moderate to heavy vaper or are a medical cannabis patient who needs an inhaled medicine without the harshness of smoke or hot vapor. Zeus Arsenal has brought a highly useful and practical product to the market.

Check out the Zeus Ice Born at: VaporizEra


Published 5/19/16


2 thoughts on ““Zeus: Ice Born” Chilled Vapors”

  1. was wondering if by chance a caner patient could possibly try this as a tester and i sall write a review for you.i havent the cash due to the high cost of treatment,please take this request into consideration. talking about the vaporizEra.


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