Stop Bitching & Start A Revolution

Speaking in front of our local community last night at the Fundraiser For Baby Thomas at The Other Spot was different than previous public speaking and activism has been in the past. Tonight we all came together to raise money for a family that has lost a child to cancer. I had no idea what to say as this story did not have a happy ending~ So, I chose to speak about Parents 4 Pot.

I chose to speak about the activist group I had a part in founding, because I couldn’t stop thinking of the thousands of families across this nation who are watching their children die tonight. It breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes when I think that as we have the chance to live in a state where Cannabis is not stigmatized and persecuted as it is in other areas of our county, others do not, and these people suffer terribly because of it.

We as parents were lucky to live in Oregon when we chose to treat Mykayla with Cannabis oil. In some states I would be a memory as I sat behind a cell door… It is sad to see that this country, nicknamed “The Land of the Free” is really anything but. We should stop calling this country- The United states, as our states are not really united at all. We all realistically live in separate little countries within one large map. When it comes to Cannabis, it depends on where you live within the lines as to whether or not you suffer consequences for personal choice.

Prohibition no longer means that just hippies get locked up and/or shady pot dealers go to jail-  Real families are destroyed by these laws, children suffer unnecessarily from disease or losing a parent to the system. Parents across the country see hopeful and empowering stories on their nightly news coming from Oregon, Washington, Colorado, etc. about children recovering from all manner of debilitating conditions with the use of Medical Marijuana. These are beautiful stories, they warm the heart and give us a new platform from which to fight.

But- What do these stories really mean other than pipe dreams for people who cannot afford to put bread on the table? These families are broke because they have to pay every last damn dollar earned to hospitals for horrible drugs that incapacitate their children and slowly poison them. I feel that change is happening yes, but it is not happening fast enough. I am smart enough to know that Cannabis in not a cure all. I also know that not every life will be saved just by giving some potent THC oil. What I am trying to say is this-  We need to know more.

We need to answer the “what-ifs” and “Hows” – and the only way to do this is to End Prohibition- thus allowing for for personal use, scientific research and general acceptance. We need to stop bitching and start a revolution.

Parents 4 Pot is not just a group- It is an idea. It is an idea that lives inside everyone of us. We came together to give a piece of ourselves to the community that needs us- We came together to provide the support network needed by parents across this country and abroad- We are here to stand up and speak out where others cannot or will not- Public Activism is not for everyone, yet everyone has their part. We are all a part of this fight together- Parents 4 Pot was built by multiple generations of activist who have a part in the evolution of the cannabis freedom movement. We cannot stand idly by while others live in fear of losing everything they know when they choose to go above and beyond standard ideas and commonly accepted principles.

The children that we call “CannaKids” are the tipping point in the acceptance of Cannabis. These children are part of families- and families like the one we rallied around last night need us. We are here for them.

To the members of the cannabis community- remember to appreciate what we have gained so far – and do not forget where we have come from, we must remain diligent and steadfast because our fight is far from over.

Prohibitions existence is dependent on humanities acceptance of it solely. We as a people cannot allow unjust laws to create suffering and inequality that affects those without a voice. Our children need us, our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents need us to stand up for what is right- I say lets not let them down.

Let’s give our children something to talk about when we are dead and gone!

#Parents4Pot #EndingProhibitionOneFamilyAtATime #StandUpSpeakOutFightBack



4 thoughts on “Stop Bitching & Start A Revolution”

  1. Cannabis is really boon for the people who actually suffering from dangerous diseases. As it is beneficial for curing diseases like cancer, migraine and many more so rather than criticizing its better to put efforts to make it available for needy one.


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