Cannabis Oil Dosing For Children and Beginners

I am asked regularly about how to best establish a safe and therapeutic dosing regimen for a pediatric cannabis patient. After much trial and error, information from many reliable sources and research- I feel I can give a good recommendation on where to start. 
To start: 1 gram of Cannabis oil should be mixed into 20 grams of organic, cold pressed, virgin coconut oil.
Mixing can be done in a very efficient and easy manner. Warm your coconut oil on low heat, coconut oil has a low melting point of 76 degrees, therefore, medium or high heat is unnecessary. When the oil is in a liquid state, draw it up into two 10ml oral syringes. This will give you 20 grams of ready to use coconut oil. 
Squeeze the coconut oil into a small canning jar that is resting in water over low heat. From the syringe of Cannabis oil, (Most commonly Cannabis oil comes pre-packaged in 3.5ml – 10ml oral syringes) inject 1ml or 1cc into the liquid coconut oil. Stir for a few moments over low heat, when the coconut oil is fully saturated with the Cannabis oil, the mixture will become a light green. This is when the cannabinoids bind to the fats of the coconut oil. Fill a clean 10ml oral syringe with the CannaCoco combination.
IMG_0834This dilution would give a ratio of 1/20g- or .05g or 50mg cannabis oil per gram of mixed coconut oil. Essentially this almost nullifies the chances of an “overdose” where the undesirable effects of cannabis could potentially appear.  This overdose is not harmful in anyway or toxic, however very uncomfortable for an inexperienced patient.
A double ’00’ capsule holds approximately one full gram of oil- fill the capsule and take this dose twice daily; Once in the morning, once in the evening. This will give approximately .1g of cannabis oil daily. Continue this routine until either a noticeable tolerance is established or you feel ready to increase your dosing, preferably at one week.

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The second week or when ready, reduce the dilution to 1/10g by mixing 1g cannabis oil into 10g coconut oil. This will safely up the dosing to .1g or 100mg cannabis per gram of oil; introducing more therapeutic cannabinoids to the system. This dose taken twice a day this would increase saturation to .2g or 200mg of cannabis oil a day! This is putting you well on your way to a gram or more of cannabis oil a day!

Continue reducing the dilution and increasing cannabis intake steadily over the next two weeks- within the first month 1 gram a day of Cannabis oil should be tolerable and consumed to promote a complete saturation treatment. Do not restrict the patient to one gram a day if afflicted with a severe condition, many successful cannabis oil stories involve consuming 2+ grams a day for an extended period of time.

Homemade capsules containing a Cannabis oil extract have successfully helped Mykayla Comstock, 7, of Pendleton, OR. USA treat her acute t-cell lymphoblastic leukemia. With her blood cell counts returned to normal, Comstock is not hospitalized like many ca
photo by Daniel Berman/

This dosing schedule does not have to apply strictly to pediatric patients, but could also be used to begin cannabinoid therapy on novice adults, elderly, and infirm patients. Coconut oil is not the only medium that can be used, olive oil, grapeseed oil, hemp oil and others have also been successfully used to infuse and dilute cannabis oil for dosing. I always recommend avoiding the use of GMO vegetable oils such as soy, corn, canola and general vegetable oil. 

I recommend infusing Cannabis oil into Coconut oil for the added dietary benefits,
which can be found here.
Good Luck!
“Our general use Medicinal Cannabis oil starts with the creation of strong strains designed to target particular medical conditions. The oil we make is extracted using food grade alcohol, capturing all the vital components found in the plant. We recommend using Cannabis oil for the following:
Chronic Pain, Migraines, Nausea, Cramps, Diabetes, Arthritis, IBS, Chron’s, MS, Lupus, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism, Cystic Fibrosis, Leukemia and other cancers, Lesions, Bruising, Warts, Burns, Broken Bones, sports injuries, Muscle damage, sun burn, eating disorders, high blood pressure and sleep disorders.
We have had success with all of these conditions, and continue to see positive results in many others with our patients, infusing organic coconut oil is a great way to begin your cannabis therapy.”


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