A Standard Belief System

You are born… you come into this world with no opinions, you have no concept of the world around you… You are taught to live life a certain way. There is a belief that there is only one right way when it comes to medicine, this belief is forced upon you, your very first day on earth in the form of a vaccine. From then on out it becomes a steady onslaught of prescribed inoculations “for your health” and chemical remedies; Tylenol, Ibuprofen, anti-histamines, cold medicines, etc. Breast feeding has become looked down upon, taboo, not as good for the child as a laboratory designed and produced infant formula. Food has changed, it is now rows upon rows of boxes and bags of pre-made processed foods, mixtures full of chemical preservatives, additives, chemically derived vitamins and corn syrup. Scientists have genetically modified foods and changed the face of this planets plant species forever. Our human bodies, do not recognize these new “foods” the response the body has to GMOs is the same as the response to any toxin. When GMO crops are being cultivated they require many different chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. These chemicals are aerially applied, from planes passing over our homes, next to our schoolyards in many places. There has been a misleading campaign of beneficial health results from mass fluoridation, which has been shown to be false, fluoride is not healthy, it is very toxic. Everything around us is toxic; our environment has degrading into a blighted land. Our children are sick. Our children are afflicted in so many sad ways that it becomes a question of who actually has a normal kid anymore. What is normal? Our generation’s children have an epidemic of disease. Autism, Mitochondrial disease, Cancer, Metabolic disorders, these diseases are on the rise. This belief system, that man-made pharmaceutical medicine is a miracle, is the answer, is an acceptable cure, it is failing.

Parents are speaking out from all corners of the earth, questioning the reasons, wanting to know why? Why are our children sick? Why are our children afflicted with disease so young, why is it such a fight for survival? When did all of these medicines, these protocols, these requirements become necessary? Why did food have to be modified? Who decided that chemicals became mandatory? Are we supposed to believe in the miracle that has caused more death and disease than it has cured? Are we supposed to sit complacently by and accept the lies as truths when faced with these illnesses? Who says we are not supposed to seek out and use what works? I am done with the rules. Rules are meant to be broken. Rules are nothing but obstacles obviously, because what we were told is the only answer is wrong. It is a lie. I refuse to participate any longer.

I choose to question the system that is here now. I choose to find my own answers. I will do my own research, I will question protocols. I will question procedures and prescriptions. I choose cannabis. I choose organic. I choose natural. I choose freedom. I oppose what I was force-fed from childhood on. I have been beaten down by this system. I have watched children be poisoned day after day. I feel the effects of 27 years of this system internally.  I choose change. I choose a new independent way of thinking. I no longer accept your inoculations, I no longer accept your medications, I no longer accept your reasons, research, theories, laws or punishments, because I am free and I know they do not work. I am one of the many who demand change.

Together we can and we will bring about this change.



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